Whitby Abbey and the 199 Steps

For homeschool Dustin will pick a place that he wants the kids to research, write a paper on, and then we get to go visit it. Because we travel to so many places the kids sometimes don't see the excitement in things like they used to. Oh, we are visiting a castle this weekend? No big deal. We have found that the kids get a lot more out of it when we make them research the place before hand. This trip they told us what they wanted to go see and they were able to tell us the history and facts about everything. We actually took this trip at the end of February.. 

There is a quaint little seaside town situated on the East Coast of North Yorkshire. The history of this amazing little town dates back to 675 A.D. The town is only about an hour from us and the scenery was breathtaking on the way. We cannot wait to go back when the grass is green and the flowers are blooming and maybe a day of possible sunshine. 


The streets of Whitby, we stopped in a little restaurant by the water and had fish n'chips. I wish I would have gotten a picture they were gigantic.. all of us girls and Skyler could have split one. 

 199 Steps to St. Mary's Church and the graveyard. It is tradition to count the steps as you go up. I was too busy taking in the amazing view that I tripped over the old wooden steps of few times. But the kids (and Dustin) enjoyed counting. This is where Bram Stoker received inspiration for Dracula. 

St. Mary's Church 

The top of the step and headstone path to St. Mary's 

A statue that Kennedy got a kick out of

My lovelies at Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey was destroyed by viking raiders in 867. I thought it was pretty neat that we got to walk around where ever we wanted to unsupervised. I am sure that most of the other visitors thought we were obnoxious Americans, but we really had a great time. It was a perfect day, cold and all. 

Moaning Lisa was at Whitby today, because we gave him money he let the kids take a picture with him. They were really creeped out by the whole ordeal and Skyler would not go near him. I personally think he is hilarious! 

Stopping for Hot Cocoa in a little cafe in the town

One of my lenses must have had a smudge on it because that little dot showed up in quite a few pictures. And the cloudy British weather did not disappoint and joined us like usual. 

All Pigeons beware.. Skyler will chase after you. 
 There are still a few more things that we need to see in this Old English town. Hopefully we get to visit again soon. 


  1. Holy cow. This is so stinkin' cool, Cristy! You guys are having the adventure of a lifetime. I laughed at you saying everyone thought you were obnoxious Americans . . . they probably did. But I'm glad you're being true to your roots! Keep these posts coming!

  2. a little bit of jealousy here. amazing. so glad you are sharing these pictures. you all look amazing! and i'm with becca,keep these posts coming!